[Easy Tutorial] 5 Creative Ways Using Old Magazine

[Easy Tutorial] 5 Creative Ways Using Old Magazine

You have a lot of home storage magazines, right? There may be many magazines in the past few years. It’s a waste of love, but you’re reluctant to say a hoarder if you still want to keep the magazine.

No problem, this time we share with you 5 creative and easy ways you can try with just using old magazines. This tutorial is more ‘being’ if you choose a colorful magazine page or a beautifully crafted printed page.

1) Make long beads

  1. Cut a magazine sheet into a long triangle
  2. Using a skewer, cut the piece, starting from a large part in a pointed direction. Put the on the sharp end. Let dry.
  3. When the glue has dried, apply liquid nail polish on the wrap. It aims to harden it.
  4. Unplug the bead that is almost ready out of the stick.
  5. DONE! Now it’s up to you to make a bracelet or a chain of these beads. You can use craps or fine chains that can be purchased from handicraft shops.

2) Make a cup mat

[Easy Tutorial] 5 Creative Ways Using Old Magazine
  1. Fold the magazine sheet according to the layer thickness you want.
  2. Fold, as you apply glue.
  3. Fold as much as you want; the more sheets of magazine sheets, the larger your laps in diameter.
  4. When you are satisfied with the amount of creases, begin rolling the fold.
  5. If the roll does not produce the diameter of the cup you want, connect it with the other folds using the glue.
  6. DONE!!

3) Create triangular banners for any event

  1. Cut magazine sheets into triangles.
  2. Make two holes in two horizontal corners of the triangle. Connect each triangle using a rope.
  3. DONE! In addition to the event, you can also decorate it in your living room, bedroom or store.

4) Become home wall decoration

5) Make furniture using old magazine

Yes, shocked right? Older magazines with large quantities can be used as furniture.

[Easy Tutorial] 5 Creative Ways Using Old Magazine

Pictures and resources: Internet

  1. You just need unused belts, seat cushions and magazines.
  2. Arrange your magazines like this and get ready! Be an edge table or an ornamental table.
  3. Simple and easy, save money now? Good luck!
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