How To Decorating Your Small Living Room

The decoration of the small living room of your House is more to how to manipulate the points to make the space appear larger.

Various tricks used in the selection of furniture, the selection of color themes, accessories and also the order to keep a small living space appear more comfortable.

For that we will share some ideas below. Maybe the idea that we will bring this already widely known. However, it is still relevant in ensuring decoration for a small living area more perfectly.

We share some tips and examples of decoration of the living area of your home that will surely make you excited. Who knows, maybe some of this example fits your tastes.

Even as small as anywhere in your living room, it is eligible to be used as a place to relax and go with the family. Here’re the tips and examples of decorations living small home should you value.

Decorating Your Small Living Room

1. Use The Mirror As A Decoration.

Tricks using a mirror on the wall so often used by most experts to be sure interior looks more spacious space. Not the only wall decor, mirrors are also able to make the space appear more elegant with its own style.

2. Use Neutral Colors For The Living Room

Use neutral colors on walls, ceilings, floors or furniture décor for example, cushions. More neutral color takes precedence because it can raise up a sense of calm and make your living room looks more spacious.

For example, the living room with the beige color can make the space more to make it bright, in a small space.

3. Use The Appropriate Coffee Tables.

For a small space, you might need to change back the coffee table to a smaller size. From a coffee table that is large, you may be able to switch to 2 small-sized round table. Not only beautiful for a small space but also good for the “traffic flow,” and portable.

4. Choose Small-Sized Furniture

List of tips for your living room décor to be not complete without furniture selection ideas. The size of the furniture it is important to note, to avoid too compact in your living room.

Select the furniture that is not too large because this will save space. Use ordinary concepts we listen in interior design – “Less is More”.

5. Arrangement Of Furniture

Try to arrange a set of sofa or Chair in the Middle, rather than putting a Chair close to the wall. If you leave the distance between the furniture and walls, this will make the living room appear more spacious and comfortable.

Other ideas also often used is to choose lower furniture.

6. Hanging Wall Decor

You can feature wall décor for your home living room decor by giving the illusion of different points. This is the trick to bring the eyes focus on the next wall décor make the space appear larger.

Not only functions as decoration, the use of calligraphy or nature for example, to decorative wall also provides its own identity to the homeowner.

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